News Articles about Adult Education Budget Cuts in California

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Adult Education in California is experiencing unprecedented budget cuts. This page is
a place to collect links to articles about budget changes in adult education programs
all over California. Since some of the articles get archived after a certain time, we're
trying to post pdf versions as well, but this is a work in progress.

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In the news about California Adult Schools


ABC Adult School (2/18/10) This article discusses possible cuts to meet the goal of cutting $6.5 million. Adult school is mentioned in passing. ABCUSD2.18.10.pdf
(3/8/11) ABC school board considers deep cuts to adult education. ABC3.8.11.pdf
ABC (3/13/11) students and teachers protest possible cuts. ABC 3.13.11.pdf


Parcel Tax Placed on Ballot March, 2011 parcel tax will provide funds for Adult Education November 30, 2010
Alameda Adult School struggles to thrive after budget cuts. Article from local newspaper The Island. May 19, 2010
Alameda hoping to pass a parcel tax to help education (5/21/10)
(6/24/10) Alameda voters rejecting tax to save schools, adult ed may be eliminated Alameda2010.06.24.pdf
Alameda considers eliminating adult education (9/30/10)
Alameda (3/7/11) considers eliminating adult education if parcel tax does not pass. Alameda3.7.11.pdf


Alhambra (3/12/10) School district plans to effectively eliminate its adult education program. Alhambra AS20100312.pdf (04/01/10) letter to editor - opinion piece Alhambra.Letter2editor.2010.04.01.pdf
Award-winning ESL teacher laid off at Alhambra (5/23/10) Alhambra5.23.10.pdf


Anaheim (12/11/09) UHSD approves preliminary budget for 2010-11 that would wipe out adult education for up to two years. Anaheim12.11.09.pdf

Antelope Valley

(3/28/2011) Although its adult education has been hit hard by budget cuts, the Antelope Valley Union High School is not considering closing its program, said Mark Bryant, assistant superintendent of personnel.AntelopeValley.2011.03.24.pdf


Auburn (6/8/09) Auburn6.7.09.pdf
Auburn Local paper editorial on budget cuts (6/14/09)


(5/5/12) Azusa Unified Cuts One-Third of Adult Education Classes Azusa-2012.05.05.pdf

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park (3/15/10) -Baldwin Park Unified School District will lay off 30 teachers, eliminate adult summer classes and reduce the number of adult classes next fall, saving the district $3 million, officials there said. Hundreds Attend Baldwin Park Adult School Rally (4/23/10) BaldwinPark4.23.10.pdf


(3/7/11) The Kern High School District school board on Monday night approved to cut six physical education and health teachers, and eight others who teach adult inmates at Lerdo Jail.Bakersfield.2011.03.07.pdf

education and health teachers, and eight others who teach adult inmates at Lerdo Jail.Bakersfield.2011.03.07.pdf


Bassett USD considers cutting Adult School budget in half (4/13/11) Bassett 4.13.11.pdf

Bay Area

Bay Area - article from the SF Chronical about adult ed cuts in the Bay Area, quoting Jerry Green (Castro Valley), Chris Nelson (Oakland), Marcie Plummer and Ana Solomon (Hayward) (6/30/09) BayArea6.30.09.pdf
Article about devastation to Bay Area Adult Education in both K12 and the community colleges (5/30/11) Bay Area 5.30.11.pdf


(3/7/12) Bellflower adult classes may be cut. Bellflower3.7.12.pdf


Berkeley (6/25/09) and more cuts anticipated, but no numbers yet (2/3/10). Article about adult ed cuts in the Daily Cal (2/9/10)Berkeley2.9.10.pdf
Berkeley Superintendent publishes a letter to the community explaining new budget cuts, including cutting $325,000 from adult education (5/26/10) Berkeley5.26.10.pdf

Beverly Hills

(3/14/11) Board votes to pink slip Director of Adult Education. Beverly Hills 3.14.11.pdf
(3/23/11) Beverly Hills considers drastic cuts to adult education. Beverly Hills 3.23.11.pdf
(4/26/11) Beverly Hills Adult School closed. Beverly Hills 4.26.11.pdf


Burbank (10/6/09) Burbank20091006.pdf
(05/28/10) Burbank Adult School graduates largest class in its history Burbank.2010.05.28.pdf


(3/7/12) Centinela school board prepares pink slips for majority of adult education teachers. Centinela3.8.12.pdf
(4/25/12) A board member wears skeleton suit at meeting to protest Centinela Valley adult ed cu Centinela.2012.04.25.pdf
(10/16/12) Centinela Valley adult school teacher finishes class in secret after cuts end program Centinela Valley.2012.10.16.pdf


(10/4/11) - Some of reduction options for the next school year include $50,000 allocated to the district's high school exit exam program, $500,000 to the adult education ChinoValley.2011.10.14.pdf
Chino Valley Adult School (2/25/10) Closing on July 1, except for high school credit recovery program. (3/05/10) The school may not be going away entirely. Chino Valley Unified officials learned earlier in the week that the school is eligible to receive an annual $416,000 federal grant for each of the next two years. Chino20100305.pdf
(06/18/12) Sign pleads for saving Chino Valley Adult School Chino.2012.06.18.pdf


Colfax (ROP) (2/23/2010) Both an advocacy article for vocational classes as well as news about potential budget cuts.colfax2.23.10.pdf


Colton (1/18/11) school board resists cutting adult education. COLTON_1.18.11.pdf


Compton Adult School (3/24/11) to close.Compton 3.24.11.pdf


(4/29/10) The adult school will be cut $300,000 in phase one. Conejo.2010.04.29.pdf
(5/13/10) Conejo Valley Adult School gets grant from Ventura County ConejoValley2010.05.13.pdf
(11/05/10) Conejo Seniors Worry About Increasing Fees, Disappearing Classes Conejo-2010.11.05.pdf


Adult Education program suspended (4/6/10) Corning4.6.10.pdf


Corona-Norco (11/9/09) also includes Hemet and San Bernardino corona-norco11.9.09.pdf

Desert Sands

Desert Sands USD has eliminated adult education, along with other cuts. (6/30/10) DesertSands6.30.10.pdf


Downey (3/5/10) A positive article about expansion of GED and vocational programs at Downey. Downey3.5.10.pdf

El Monte-Rosemead

(3/8/12) El Monte-Rosemead plans cuts to adult education including shorter ESL classes and elimination of one site. ElMonte3.8.12.pdf

Elk Grove
An article in the Sacramento Bee 910/25/10shows that the disparity in income for those without a high school diploma or GED has become even greater during this recession. The article references Elk Grove having had to cut back on GED classes because of budget cuts. ElkGrove10.25.10.pdf


General article about cuts in Escondido , Oceanside, Vista and Poway. Escondido has had a 20 percent cut. (5/22/10)
(3/8/11) Escondido approves staff reductions in case tax measures don't pass, including several adult education positions. Escondido3.8.11.pdf


Eureka (6/25/09) eureka6.25.09.pdf and how the Eureka Teachers Association is combating layoffs in adult education (7/11/09)
combating layoffs7.11.09.pdf


(2/22/12) Fairfield-Suisun Adult School students, teachers protest proposed cuts - Cutting $862,607 from the adult school Fairfield-Suisun.2012.02.22.pdf
(2/24/12) Fairfield-Suisun school board votes for "worst case scenario" cuts, including cuts to adult eduation.
(2/23/12) Adult School Teachers Explain Their Side In Protest Against Possible Cuts - video
(9/17/12) Adult School surviving despite funding cuts - 2012.09.17-FairfieldSuisun.pdf


(3/9/11) Fontana USD School Board votes to eliminate a number of programs, including adult education.Fairfield-Suisun 2.24.12.pdf
(3/24/11) Editorial about closing adult education at Fontana. Fontana 3.23.11.pdf


(3/10/11) Fresno school board votes for cuts, including to adult education. Fresno3.10.11.pdf


Fullerton(8/7/09) to suspend adult ed starting in 2009-10 fullerton8.7.09.pdf

Garden Grove

Garden Grove (3/2/10) Adults with disabilities program faces the axe Garden Grove 3.2.10.pdf
And another article o
Fairfield-Suisun Adult School students, teachers protest proposed cuts
n Garden Grove (3/3/10) GardenGrove20100303.pdf


Gilroy (2/26/2010) -
The district's Adult Education school, which serves about 1,000 adult students, was the only program on the chopping block that emerged unscathed.

Grossmont USD, El Cajon

(4/12/10) English classes can't meet demand by the newly arrived Iraqi immigrants GrossmontElCajon2010.04.12.pdf

Hacienda La Puente

(5/18/10) Hacienda La Puente issues 97 layoff notices to adult-education employees HaciendaLaPuente2010.05.18.pdf


Hamilton (3/9/10) adult education program to be cut by 50%.


Hanford struggles to keep ceramics class open (5/21/11) Hanford 5.21.11.pdf


Hayward (2/22/10) Link to a new video clip with adult school students in Hayward defending adult education, which the board is threatening to wipe out completely, and their Sustain Adult Ed effort (official school Web site, blog) And another good video about the importance of Hayward Adult School to the community (2/22/10, ABE News).
(4/30/10) Trustees slashed more than $12 million from the district budget Wednesday night, increasing class sizes, trimming support staff such as counselors and nurses, and moving most of the adult school's funds to the pot for K-12 education.Hayward.2010.04.30.pdf


Healdsburg (2/24/10) At this point still considering what to cut, no decisions made yet Healdsburg2.24.10.pdf


Irvine (6/22/09),irvine6.22.09.pdf and a newer article about running to school totally fee-based (11/13/09) irvine newer article11.13.09.pdf


LAUSD (2/25/10) Story with video and many photos about budget cuts at Evans Adult School, largest adult school in the nation
Adult Students Protest Potential Loss of Pico-Union
(3/19/10) LA_PicoUnion3.19.10.pdf (
4/26/2010) Students, parents, teachers and community activists came together on March 26 for a forum hosted by Unión del Barrio to discuss how to oppose school closures in South Central Los Angeles.LAUSD-Fremont-Menlo-2010.04.26.pdf
(5/17/10) For the first time in 20 years, there will be no summer classes for developmentally disabled adults and seniors because of the budget crisis

Video: UTLA Adult Education protest Budget Cuts 4-13-11

(1/17/12) Education cutbacks slice into LAUSD adult education LAUSD.DACE.2012.01.17.pdf
(1/28/12) Adult Education could be eliminated from LAUSD! LAUSD 1.28.12.pdf
(1/31/12) LAUSD adult educators organize to Save Adult Ed in LAUSD.
(1/31/12) Hundreds of students protest proposed cuts 2012.01.31.LAUSD.STudentsProtest.pdf
(2/3/12) An argument in favor or Preserving Adult Ed Program in LA 2012.02.03-HS.students.LAUSD.DACE.pdf
(2/6/12) Local public radio station in LA hosts a discussion on the cuts to adult education in LAUSD.
(2/8/12) Demonstrators Call for Continued Funding of Adult Education LAUSD-2012.02.08.pdf
(2/11/12) Another article about adult education in LAUSD. LAUSD2.11.12.pdf
(2/14/12) LA Weekly article about postponing the vote on LA Adult Education. LAUSD 2.14.12.pdf
(2/15/12) Decision about budget cuts moved to March 13, 2012 LAUSD-2012.02.15.pdf
(2/15/12) LA Times on the LAUSD board decision to postpone vote on budget cuts. LAUSD 2.15.12.pdf
(3/1/12) Ed Morris ousted as Director of LAUSD DACE. LAUSD3.1.12.pdf
(3/6/12) How cuts to adult education will affect South Gate Community Adult School in LAUSD. LAUSD3.6.12.pdf
(3/7/12) LAUSD prepares 11,000 pink slips.LAUSD3.7.12.pdf
(3/14/12) LAUSD board passes worst case scenario budget eliminating adult education, but other scenarios also possible. LAUSD3.14.12.pdf
(4/27/12) LAUSD adult education teachers, students protest proposed cuts LAUSD.DACE.2012.04.27.pdf
(5/1/12) Nice Op Ed piece in the LA Times by a former adult education teacher. LAUSD 5.1.12.pdf
(5/16/12) Fate of LAUSD Adult Ed remained uncertain. LAUSD 5.16.12.pdf
(5/31/12) Strong defense of adult education in the LA Times. LAUSD 5.31.12.pdf
(6/13/12) teachers union has ratified an agreement to take up to 10 unpaid furlough days next year to save the jobs of 4,700 educators and restore some Adult Education, preschool and English-learner programs LAUSD.2012.06.13.pdf
(6/25/12) Update on LAUSD budget cuts.
RSS feed from
(6/26/12) Article about teachers holding a "wake" for Evans Community Adult School.
Save Adult Ed!

Liberty Union HSD

(6/16/10) Liberty Union makes deep cuts, including $50K to adult education. Liberty6.16.10.pdf


(3/18/10) Summer school classes will be reduced this summer because of reduced funding LincolnAS20100318.pdf


Livermore (2/10/10) Superintendent proposes eliminating adult education. Livermore2.5.10.pdfAnd an update on continued efforts to cut adult education (3/3/10) Livermore3.3.10.pdf (3/18/10) Fee based classes will be eliminated. Livermore20100318.pdf


Lodi considers many cuts, including to adult education (5/9/11) Lodi 5.9.11.pdf

Long Beach

Long Beach (2/4/10) $700,000 cut to adult education for next year Long Beach2.4.10.pdf
Long Beach (2/14/11) sweeps more adult ed funds, adult school will lose 30 teachers. LongBeach 2.14.11.pdf
(8/10/2011) Adult School Copes With LBUSD Cuts LongBeach-2011.08.10.pdf

Los Angeles Area

(5/26/11) Adult education hard-hit by changes in school spending rules, study finds LA Area Study Adult Ed Hit Hard - 2011.05.26.pdf
(1/17/12) LAUSD proposes to eliminate adult education (Video)

Lucia Mar

(6/29/10) Lucia Mar school board is “very supportive of adult ed.” , according to the principal. LuciaMar2010.06.29.pdf


Madera (2/21/10) District deciding between closing the adult school and cutting it by 75% Madera 2.21.10.pdf

(5/13/2010) The adjusted bus plan coupled with scaling down of the adult education program (minus-$721,265) will be among the two big cost-cutting items listed on next year’s budget Manteca2010.05.12.pdf


Martinez (2/10/10) may cut $2.6 million overall, and looks at redirecting adult education funds Martinez 2.10.10.pdf


(2/11/12) Marysville School Board to consider drastic cuts to Adult Ed and other programs. Marysville2.11.12.pdf
(3/14/12) Community protests cuts to Marysville Joint Unified programs, including adult education. Marysville 3.14.12.pdf
(6/4/12) Marysville Adult Education program has final graduation Marysville-2012.06.04.pdf


Milpitas (2/3/10) Mentions adult ed, but no specific amount cut, yet., (2/17/10) Superintendent proposes taking away $100,000, and predicts minimal impact. Follow-up article confirms cutting CBET and one adult education instructor.(3/10/10) Milpitas3.10.10.pdf


Monrovia (11/10/09)


Monterey (6/30/09) - adult ed cut 20% and 13 teachers laid off
Ron Russell: Adult education's demise (Guest Commentary) (3/26/2010) Monterey 3-26-2010 Ron Russell.pdf
This is an opinion piece.

Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley (3/3/10) considers cuts to adult education Moreno Valley 3.3.10.pdf

Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Adult Education cut by $100,000, three fourths of their current budget. (5/12/11) Morgan Hill 5.12.11.pdf
(5/23/11) Principal Dennis Browne proposed last month to knock his own salary by 40 percent to save some classes for adult education. MorganHill-2011.05.23.pdf

Mountain View-Los Altos

Mountain View-Los Altos (8/31/09) - focuses on Los Altos but also reports adult ed budget cuts to Santa Clara, Metro Ed and Fremont.

Mt. Diablo

Mt. Diablodistrict to cut $1 million a year from adult education and other categoricals. (12/8/09)
Mt. Diablo Update (2/10/10) Board approves $4 million to programs including adult education Mt. Diablo 2.10.10.pdf
Mt. Diablo again (2/25/10) Board members receive 200 emails in support of adult education, and promise not to close program.
Mt. Diablo 2.25.10.pdf
Mt. Diablo -(3/10/2010) Board approves $4.5 cut to adult ed budget Mt. Diablo 20100310.pdf
(3/16/11) Superintendent Steven Lawrence recommended $4.2 million in cuts from next year's $274.7 million budget. His recommendation included reducing funds for professional development, instructional materials, Gifted and Talented Education programs, adult education and other programs and services. MtDiablo.2011.03.16.pdf


(3/26/22) Napa Adult School loses part of reserves. Napa 3.26.12.pdf

New Haven

New Haven (3/16/11) teachers protest layoff notices. New Haven 3.16.11.pdf

Newport Mesa

Newport Mesa (2/12/10) Program wiped out for next year except for a few HS diploma classes!, (2/23/10) elimination of adult ed program confirmed Excellent article about the demise of Newport Mesa Adult Education, with reference to other programs that are also closing (3/3/10) Newport Mesa 3.3.10.pdfNewport Mesa students and teachers campaign to save program (3/31/10) Newport Mesa 3.31.10.pdfNewport Mesa bringing back some ESL classes for the fall (4/14/10)
Newport Mesa to hold community meeting about adult edcuation (4/28/10) NewportMesa4.28.10.pdf
(4/29/10) District officials have since proposed adding back 12 ESL classes, NewportMesa.2010.04.29.pdf


(11/22/11) - As financial crisis for public schools worsens, OUSD cuts almost 90% of its budget for Adult Education Oakland.2011.11.22.pdf
Oaklandadult education will be cut by 40% if preliminary budget is approved (12/14/09) Oakland 12.14.09.pdf
Oakland and Hayward (10/24/09) - Article on threats to adult ed and forum put on by CCAE
Detailed article on Oakland Adult Education, with photos and quotes from students. (3/31/10) Oakland3.31.10.pdf
(4/27/10 )The Oakland school board voted unanimously to impose a contract on the union… allows for an increase in class sizes. It also lets the district hire hourly workers, rather than contract employees, for its adult education programs. Oakland2010.04.28.pdf
(4/28/10) Teachers strike - adult education program is threatened with being wiped out.Opinion piece. Oakland2010.04.28a.pdf
Oakland Adult Ed likely cut 83% (6/8/10) Oakland6.7.10.pdfResponse from the Director of Oakland Adult and Career Education (6/8/10)

(6/25/10) If the Legislature passes a budget that spares preschool funding, B. Marshall said, some of the planned cuts to her programs — up to 86 percent — will be restored and Edward Shands might reopen next year. Oakland2010.06.25.pdf
Oakland (3/4/11) USD sends pink slips to entire adult education staff. Oakland 3.4.11.pdf
(4/8/11) The Board considers flexing adult ed if the proposed tax extension does not pass in November. Oakland.2011.04.08.pdf
Excellent article on further cuts to adult ed in Oakland (6/1/11) Oakland6.11.10.pdf


General article about cuts to adult education in the region, but focuses on big cuts to Oceanside adult education, which has gone from a budget of $300,000 to $80,000. (5/22/10)


Oroville (6/22/09)
(5/19/10) Board calls for possible elimination of adult ed principal and cutting adult education to the bare bones Oroville2010.05.19.pdf
Oroville Adult Education slated for $740,000 cut (6/2/10) Oroville6.2.10.pdf
Oroville cuts clarified by Superintendent (6/3/10) Oroville6.3.10.pdf
(6/17/10) budget proposal seeks reduction of Oroville Adult Education by $740,000. Oroville2010.06.17.pdf

Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove, Monterey and Salinas (8/25/09) - Overview of budget cuts in the Monterey area, quotes from principals

Palm Springs

(4/14/10) scaled back adult education program PalmSprings2010.04.14.pdf
(06/30/10) The district eliminated adult education PalmSprings2010.06.30.pdf
(2/11/11) College of the Desert considers cutting many classes, including their adult education program. COD2.15.11.pdf


Paradise (2/3/10) Threatens to cut adult education

Placentia- Yorba Linda

Placentia-Yorba Linda (2/10/10) prepares for $6 million in cuts to the district, and notes that cutting adult education could save $230K.
Placentia-Yorba Linda 2.10.10.pdf

Pleasanton (Amador Valley Adult and Community Education)

(2/24/11) In a split vote Tuesday, the board opted to cut reading along with the new cuts that were recommended, including $100,000 decrease to adult education, Pleasonton2011.02.24.pdf
(2/14/12) Pleasanton School Board to consider closing Amador Valley Adult School. Pleasanton2.14.12.pdf
(2/28/12) Pleasanton school board braces for more cuts at meeting tonight, including adult ed cuts Pleasanton.2012.02.28.pdf


(3/18/10) Pomona - Letter to the editor about Pomona Adult School.Pomona.2010.03.18.pdf


General article about adult education cuts in the region mentions Poway instituting fees and waiting lists. (5/22/10)

Red Bluff

(3/16/10) - All adult education programs will be gone. Adult Ed and Independent Study chairman referred questions to the district.RedBluff20100316.pdf


Adult School to be eliminated! (12/10/09) Redlands Adult School Shutting Down 2010.01.10.pdf Update (3/11/10) Board votes to eliminate adult ed classified positions . (4/29/10) The educational program for developmentally challenged adults in the Redlands Unified School District, will close at the end of the school year Redlands2010.04.26.pdf
Redlands will use WIA funds to continue ESL and ASE in 2010-11 (4/14/10) Redlands4.14.10.pdf
(3/11/11) Redlands pink slips 2 adult ed nursing teachers. Redlands3.11.11.pdf


Riverside Alvord School districts considering merging to save funds (12/25/2010)

Riverside (4/27/09)


Roseville (3/10/2010) - Roseville Joint Union High School District will eliminate 31.5 positions across the district's nine schools that include Roseville Adult School and Adelante High School.


Rowland (3/24/10) school board votes for cuts including $212K to adult education. Rowland3.24.10.pdf


Sacramento (2/19/10) Sacramento 2.19.10.pdf District unveils plan to cut $30 million from budget, including significant cuts to adult education. Board will vote on 3/4/10 on budget cuts.Sacramento 3.4.10.pdfBoard Sacramento City
School Board (4/22/10) will vote on closing two of three remaining adult education sites, Old Marshall and Fremont Adult School. sacramento2010.04.23.pdf
Sacramento City Schools (5/3/10) saves some adult education classes, but still sustaining major cuts, as are other schools in the region. Sacramento 3.4.10.pdf
Sacramento Adults wtih Disabilities (12/23/2010) California school for adults with disabilities may close due to budget crisis.
(2/14/11) Many Sacramento area school boards considring future cuts, including cutting or eliminating adult education. SacCity2.14.11.pdf
(3/7/11) This articles addresses the results of placing adult education into flexibility in Sacramento, San Juan, and across the state. SacCity3.7.11.pdf
Sac City (3/4/11) approves worst case scenario budget.
(5/16/12) Good letter to the editor about closing Fremont Adult School in Sacramento.
(5/27/12) 70 adults and children protest adult ESL budget cuts Sacramento.5-29-2012.pdf


Saddleback (3/10/10) issues pink slips to 110 teachers including adult education.Saddleback3.10.10.pdf


Salinas ,(6/24/09) and another Salinas one (6/30/09) Salinas Adult School staff at risk (4/12/10) Salinas2010.04.12.pdf
(1/29/10) Salinas Adult Education is poised to lose about $1.5million in funding for the upcoming fiscal year, as administrators attempt to balance the budget for the district. Salinas.2011.01.29.pdf
(3/31/11) Randy Bangs, the director of alternative education and ROP at the Salinas district, said the adult school will reduce its budget to $2 million for the 2011-12 fiscal year. The current fiscal year's budget is $3.5 million.Salinas2011.03.31.pdf

San Bernardino

San Bernardinocuts staff and courses (9/7/09), and a newer version with photo (9/11/09)
More cuts next year at San Bernardino (6/3/10) SanBernardino6.3.10.pdf

San Diego

San Diego USD cuts Adult Education (This is NOT San Diego CCD, the main provider of adult ed in San Diego.) (6/10/10)

San Dieguito

General article about cuts to adult education in the region mentions challenges at San Dieguito. (5/22/10

San Francisco City College

(7/19/12) SFCC is in danger of closing because their accreditation is in jeopardy. SFCC provides adult education in San Francisco.

San Jose - MetroED

(12/9/10) MetroED, San Jose - Officials consider cutting adult ed by two-thirds MetroED.SanJose.2010.12.09-.pdf
(12/20/10) KQED Public Radio hosted a one hour public forum on December 13 that addressed the budget cut issue in San Jose as well as with other adult education providers throughout the state. MetroEdSanJose2010.12.20.pdf
(01/21/11) San Jose Unified voted unanimously to cut two-thirds of the adult-ed budget: about $3.5. SanJose-MetroEd-2011.01.21.pdf and SanJose-MetroEd-2011.01.21.a.pdf
(01/27/10) The cuts will force out about 5,000 of the current 7,000 adult education students, said Metro Ed superintendent Paul Hay.MetroEd-SanJose.2011.01.27.pdf

San Juan

(12/1/10) San Juan Unified considers closing all 3 adult schools. A final vote by the board will be taken on 1/25/11. San Juan12.1.10.pdf
San Juan USD will vote on Jan. 25, 2011 on whether to close all of adult education in June. This article explores the impact on developmentally challenged students at Orange Grove Adult School and their families.
(1/26/11) San Juan Unified votes to close ESL/ABE/ASE/GED programs but keep Disabilities School open for one more year

San Lorenzo

(03/01/10) cuts could eliminate 109 district personnel, including teachers, administrators and adult education staff.SanLoranzo20100301.pdf

San Mateo

San Mateo (11/23/09)
(06/13/12) Students teachers _rally for adult education in San Mateo SanMateo.2012.06.13.pdf

San Rafael

San Rafael - (2/22/10) - district officials looking at eliminating adult ed...

Santa Barbara

(5/19/10) a majority of their Adult Education summer semester courses will be canceled SantaBarbara20100519.pdf
(6/15/10) SBCC Continuing Education Students Unite SantaBarbara20100615.pdf

Santa Clara

Santa Clara (7/8/09) general article about district budget cuts, mentions possibility of cutting the $7.2 million adult ed budget
Santa Clara 7.8.09.pdf

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Adult School (8/09) 12/13/09 - updated blogabout what's happening - ($500K cut for 2009/2010), and here is a link to a blogthat is tracking cuts to the adult school. Santa Cruz update (2/11/10) Adult education cut by $1.43 million. We are left with $170,000 to run ESL, GED/HS diploma, and Parent Ed. We're fighting. 03/03/2010 - While the district voted to cut almost all adult education programs and teachers, they hope the move is temporary, and the programs and positions can be restored if funding is available.Santa Cruz AS 20100315.pdf Santa Cruz 3.3.10.pdf 03/15/2010 - Possible cuts - most of the adult education staff (03/16/10) - Pajaro Valley Unified and Santa Cruz City Schools, sent notices to 275 and 80 employees, respectively, on top of a combined total of 120 adult education workers SantaCruzPajaroValley-20100316.pdf
Santa Cruz City Schools make major cuts, including eliminating most of adult education (6/17/10) SantaCruz6.17.10.pdf
(2/21/11) Santa Cruz puts in place plan to slash adult education again if state and federal budgets "go south." SantaCruz2.21.11.pdf
(3/3/11) This articles says no pink slips for Santa Cruz adult ed teachers, although some dispute this. SantaCruz3.3.11.pdf

Santa Maria

Santa Maria (6/18/09) The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District passed a two-year budget Wednesday that contained $8.5 million in cuts, and eliminated the district's adult education program beginning in 2010-11 SantaMaria20090618.pdf
Santa Maria students make final plea to keep adult education open (4/21/10) SantaMaria4.21.10.pdf
Santa Maria Adult School closing satellite sites (6/2/10) SantaMaria6.2.10.pdf

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa(8/8/09) and Cotati (original article said Cotati-Rohnert Park slashed $50K from adult ed, but not mentioned now)
Santa Rosa 8.8.09.pdf
Santa Rosa cuts six adult education teachers. (5/15/10)

Sequoia UHSD

Sequoia board considers $1 million cut from adult education program that serves 1,200. (4/15/11) Sequoia 4.15.11.pdf

Sonoma Valley Adult School

(2/02/2012) Adult School to Close 2012.02.02-Sonoma.pdf
(1/26/12) Sonoma Valley Adult School to close in June. Sonoma Valley 1.26.12.pd
(5/7/12) School Cuts Hit Adults Sonoma.2012.05.01.pdf

Sonora Adult Education

Sonora High School District Adult Ed program will survive.

Stanislaus County

(4/25/10) About Modesto, Turlock, Ceres - StanislausCounty2010.04.25.pdf


Stockton (2/5/10) Tough Times at Adult School Stockton2.5.10.pdf
(3/05/10) 500 people from around San Joaquin County - students, teachers, parents, administrators - marched more than two miles Thursday afternoon from the Stockton School for Adults north on Pacific Avenue to Delta Black Thursday at Stockton School for Adults.pdf


Tamalpais HS District cuts $2 million, including $1.41 million from the adult education department (4/28/10) Tamalpais4.29.10.pdf


Tracy Adult School (3/10/10) faces demise. Tracy3.10.10.pdf
More bad news for Tracy (3/21/10) Tracy3.21.10.pdf
Tracy Adult School will at least continue to serve students in 2010-11 — albeit in abbreviated form.Tracy.2010.03.28.pdf
Supportive editorial from the Tracy Press (3/27/10). TracyEditorial3.27.10.pdf
(4/26/10) The district would offer high school seniors the chance to make up any credits needed to graduate with summer courses at the Tracy Adult School.Tracy2010.04.26.pdf


(5/12/10) Tulare Adult School faces an additional $775,000 in cuts under a proposal that Tulare high school district officials will share with trustees Tuesday. Tulare2010.05.12.pdf
Three teachers protest adult education cuts outside Tulare board meeting (5/20/10) Tulare5.20.10.pdf
(5/22/10) Proposed Tulare Adult School Cuts Blasted Tulare2010.05.22.pdf


Tustin Adult School 7/20/09
The Tustin Unified School District will not be offering Adult Education classes for the 2009-10 school year due to the state budget crisis. (Announcement on their district page. Tustin 7.20.09.pdf


Vallejo(11/6/09) a good article about cuts to Vallejo Adult School, and here's a more general article.
Vallejo Update (2/25/10) Board will vote on March 17, but proposal is to cut adult ed budget in half, cutting $1.5 million (3/16/10)
Vallejo Update (3/19/10) Board confirms $1.5 million cut to adult education. Vallejo3.19.10.pdf
(5/19/10) The board is expected to vote on laying off 13 teachers at the Vallejo Adult School as part of $1.5 million in budget slashing. Vallejo2010.05.19.pdf
Vallejo considers deep cuts, including to adult education. (5/6/11) Vallejo 5.6.11.pdf
(06/02/11) The Vallejo school board approved more cuts Wednesday to create a balanced budget. The cuts follow more than $7 million in previous reductions, and include $500,00 to the adult education program. Vallejo.2011.06.02.pdf

Ventura County

(4/18/10) In Ventura County, adult schools have decreased class hours, cut staffs and teachers,and instituted registration fees. Some plan to suspend some summer classes. The Santa Paula Union High School District closed its program. VenturaCounty2010.04.19.pdf


(3/30/10) Adult education will lose $220,000 of its $3.7 million budget. Visalia.2010.03.30.pdf


Vista(11/16/09) District proposes to combined some schools and move the adult school to save money. Vista 11.16.09.pdf
General article about adult education cuts in the region, with lots of quotes from Vista . (5/22/10)

Watsonville-Aptos/Pajaro Valley USD

Pajaro Valley USD
(8/27/09) Update - Pajaro Valley cuts $650,000 from adult ed budget. (12/10/09) and update(2/3/10)
Watsonville-Aptos (2/5/10) left untouched in latest round of cuts Watsonville2.5.10.pdf (3/11/2010) Adult School leaders, faculty to get pink slips Pajaro Valley AS 20100311.pdf (03/16/10) - Pajaro Valley Unified and Santa Cruz City Schools, sent notices to 275 and 80 employees, respectively, on top of a combined total of 120 adult education workers SantaCruzPajaroValley-20100316.pdf
Watsonville-Aptos board confirms budget cuts, including $1.5 million reduction to adult education (3/19/10)
Watsonville-Aptos teachers and students rally against budget cuts (3/20/10) Watsonville3.30.10.pdf
(2/15/11) Pajaro Valley board poised to cut $1 million from adult education PajaroValley2.15.11.pdf
(8/8/2011) Watsonville/Aptos Adult Education survives budget cuts:Fall semester starts Wednesday WatsonvilleAptos.2011.08.08.pdf

West Contra Costa

West Contra Costa (2/26/10) has been cut by half a million, and had $2 million of reserves swept by the district, and is now facing a possible addition cut of $1 million from a $3.8 million budget. West Contra Costa 2.26.10.pdf
(5/13/2010) Adult education in West Contra Costa likely will be spared major cuts next year, barring any more bad news from Sacramento. WestContraCosta2010.05.13.pdf

(3/3/11) More than 200 adult education students, teachers and supporters turned out to the board meeting Wednesday, March 3, 2011 arguing against the plan to cut $1 million from the adult education program. WestContraCosta.2011.03.03.pdf
West Contra Costa considers cuts to adult education (4/14/11 & 4/21/11) WCC 4.14.11.pdf
(10/23/12) Teachers at West County Adult Education program worry about more cuts Richmond West Contra Costa - 2012.10.23.pdf

(3/3/11) Woodlandgrapples with possibility of deep cuts to the adult education program. Woodland3.3.11.pdf

Articles that Support the Important Role of Adult Education

Carol Hirota from Stockton School for Adults submitted these articles that note the increasing dropout rate, and the importance of getting a high school diploma or GED for future earnings.
Census illustrates the huge impact that staying in school c.doc
Districts' Dropout Rates Rise Sharply Dec 8, 2010.doc

News about Pink Slips

see the page with a collection of articles forwarded by Rocky Bettar

General Articles about the Cuts

Jack O'Connell announces results of statewide survey indicating that 20% of districts have cut adult education (6/10/10) CDE.6.10.10.pdf
CDE releases survey of districts. Only 20% of respondents indicate that they are cutting adult education, although the Legislative Analysts Office sees the number as closer to 70%. (6/10/10)
General article about education cuts at Oakland, Mt. Diablo and West Contra Costa. (6/11/10) Oakland6.11.10.pdf
Editorial from on "Why we can't afford to cut adult education" (5/12/10) Editorial5.13.10.pdf
Seven educators march from Bakersfield to Sacramento, including a retired adult education teacher from Berkeley.
(3/8/10) Seven Educators March 3.8.10.pdf
(3/18/10) Seven Educators March 3.18.10.pdf
California Adult Schools Unite to Survive Economic Crisis - press release by (3/16/10)

Budget Cuts to Education in Prisons

An article from The SF Chronicle on how reducing education in prisons will affect recidivism. (2/16/10) Prisons2.16.10.pdf

Editorials from Around the State

Ron Russell: Adult Education's Demise (Commentary in he Monterey Herald) Monterey 3-26-2010 Ron Russell.pdf

General Adult Ed Budget Articles and Coverage from Elsewhere

2012.06. EDSource: At Risk: Adult Schools in California

2012.07.09 - KQED - Adult Education Disappearing in California

LA Times article about huge cuts to education nationwide, including mention of adult education. (7/31/11) Education takes a beating nationwide - LA Times 7.30.11.pdf
General article about how the recession in affecting adult education in the US and England. (6/14/10) General6.14.10.pdf
How are people in England viewing the budget crisis in California? Read this article from the Guardian, 10/4/09.
Citizenship class ends at Crane Adult School in Arizona due to budget cuts. (5/23/10)
Adult Education program eliminated in Appomattox County , VA (5/18/10) VA5.18.10.pdf
AP article on the California budget crises in the Chattanooga Times Free Press that mentions adult education towards the end
Article from the San Francisco Chronicle addresses adult education budget cuts across the state.
Budget cuts to adult education in New York (4/6/10) NY4.6.10.pdf
Yahoo News posted an article about budget cuts in education all across the country (4/20/10)

San Francisco City College Students on March 4, 2010, photo taken by D.Wallis

San Francisco City College ESL Students on March 4, 2010, photo taken by V. Cook