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Calif. teacher pink slips: 23,000 and rising

<> - By Nannette Miranda - KABC - 03/15/2010 SACRAMENTO (KABC) -- Fallout from California's financial crisis is hitting school districts throughout the state. Thousands of pink slips have been mailed to teachers and other school employees, with more to come. Educators held a "pink-slip protest" Monday.sackabcpinkslips.pdf

22,000 Calif. Teachers Could Lose Jobs

<> - KCRA - 03/15/2010
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California's budget crisis could cost nearly 22,000 teachers their jobs this year. State school districts had issued 21,905 pink slips to teachers and other school employees by Monday, the legal deadline for districts to send preliminary layoff notices.sackcra.pdf

Pink slips leave school employees reeling

<> - By Karen Massie - News10 - 03/15/2010
SACRAMENTO, CA - Teachers were not the only ones who received layoff notices Monday. March 15 is the deadline for California school districts to issue preliminary layoff notices to employees.sacnews10.pdf

Over 22,000 Calif. Teachers to Receive Layoff Notices

<> - By DeShaunta Bullock - KFSN - 03/15/2010
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Lean budgets are forcing school districts across the state to make cutbacks for the upcoming school year. More than 22,000 teachers across California are getting layoff notices Monday and Valley districts are no exception.fresno layoffs.pdf

Pink slips issued to hundreds of teachers, administrators and other workers at South Bay schools

<> - By Julia Prodis Sulek - Mercury News - 03/15/2010
In the midst of the state's budget crisis, school districts across the South Bay sent out hundreds of pink slip notices to teachers, administrators, janitors and others on Monday, informing them of the likelihood that they will be laid off by the end of the school year.south bay pink slips.pdf

Pink slips issued to 23,000 teachers

<,000%20teachers> - By Bill Silverfab - Daily Journal - 03/16/2010
More than 23,000 teachers and other school employees across the state have received notices of potential layoffs, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell said yesterday.daily journal.pdf

1,028 teachers get initial layoff letters

<> - By Canan Tasci - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - 03/15/2010
Inland Valley school districts, many teetering on the edge of a financial abyss, have issued more than 1,000 layoff notices to teachers and staff.daily bulletin.pdf

22,000 Teachers To Get Pink Slips in California

<> - By Erik Sandoval - KESQ - 03/15/2010
SACRAMENTO - State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell teamed up with the state teachers union, today, and a long list of others to announce the grim news that 22,000 California teachers have received notices of potential layoffs.kesq.pdf

Nearly 400 local educators receive preliminary pink slips by Monday deadline

<> - By J.M. Brown - Mercury News - 03/15/2010
SANTA CRUZ - Just shy of 400 local K-12 teachers and other certificated employees received preliminary layoff notices by Monday's state-mandated deadline, education officials reported.mercury news.pdf

Salinas-area school districts issue more than 200 pink slips

<> - By Sunita Vijayan - The Californian - 03/16/2010
More than 200 Salinas-area teachers and other school employees received pink-slip notices as of Monday, the legal deadline to send preliminary layoff warnings.salinas.pdf

Schools may lose 22,000 educators

<> - By Tammy Marashlian - The Signal - 03/16/2010
The state's dismal budget crisis has put the jobs of hundreds of local teachers, assistant principals and counselors in limbo, leaving officials in search of ways to cope with the heavy cuts.layoffs.pdf

Pink Slip Epidemic: Teachers Losing Jobs

<> - By Blake Taylor - KMJ Radio - 03/15/2010
In the Central Valley and across California, teachers are receiving pink slips.
Monday was the deadline for school districts to warn teachers that they may lose their jobs in the next school year.Pink-Slip-Epidemic.pdf

Manteca may ax 68 teachers

<> - By Vince Rembulat - Manteca Bulletin - 03/16/2010
Pink Slip Monday - the state-mandated deadline of March 15 for school districts statewide to send preliminary notices to teachers and other certified groups of possible layoffs for the upcoming school year -impacts all schools including the Lindbergh Adult Center.manteca.pdf

Lodi Unified School District sends out hundreds of layoff notices

<> - By Jennifer Bonnett - Lodi News Sentinel - 03/16/2010
Hundreds of Lodi Unified School District teachers received preliminary pink slips in the mail last weekend, just as spring break was starting. Notices included not only the 247 teaching positions approved by the school board in February, but also anyone who was hired since 2004. In sum, 442 teachers received notices by certified mail.lodi.pdf

Pink slips sent to 117 Shasta County teachers

<> - By Damon Arthur - Redding Record Searchlight - 03/16/2010
Shasta County school districts have notified 117 teachers that they will be laid off at the end of the school year, a teachers union representative said Monday, the deadline for sending out the pink slips.shasta.pdf

More than 300 Whittier-area teachers get preliminary pink slips

<> - By Tracy Garcia - Whittier Daily News - 03/15/2010
More than 300 temporary and tenured teachers at seven Whittier-area school districts received notice Monday they may be out of a job this fall.That's because $2.5 billion in state cuts to education proposed for the 2010-11 fiscal year forced the districts into making deep staffing cuts.whittier.pdf

Nearly 1 in 5 Stanislaus County educators get layoff warnings

<> - By J.N. Sbranti - The Modesto Bee - 03/16/2010
At least 964 Stanislaus County educators have been notified they may lose their jobs in July. That's more than 17 percent of the teachers, counselors, librarians and administrators in the county's public schools.modesto.pdf

Lennox, Hermosa Beach school districts issue layoff notices

<> - By Douglas Morino - Daily Breeze - 03/15/2010
Layoff notices have been issued to 49 Lennox School District employees, including 45 temporary teachers signed to a one-year contract. hermosa beach.pdf